Associations, councils, groups, and organizations support those with interests or involvement in various fields of activity, careers and professions.

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Ag & Produce

Agricultural Law Center – Iowa

Agricultural Law Resource & Reference – Argentina

Alfalfa Council Organizations

Alliance For Rail Competition

Almond Board of California

Almond Hullers and Processors

Alpaca Owners and Breeders

American Angus Assoc

American Brahman Breeders

American Cheese Society

American Crop Protection

American Dairy Assoc

American Dairy Goat Assoc

American Dairy Products Institute

American Dairy Science Assoc

American Dry Bean Council

American Egg Board

American Emu Assoc

American Farm Bureau Federation

American Farmland Trust

American Feed Industry Assoc

American Fisheries Society

American Forest and Paper

American Goat Society

American Guernsey Assoc

American Herbal Products Assoc

American Herbalists Guild

American Hereford Assoc

American Institute of Floral Designers

American Jersey Cattle Assoc

American Maine-Anjou Assoc

American Malting Barley Assoc

American Ostrich Assoc

American Peanut Shellers Assoc

American Seed Trade Assoc

American Sheep Industry Assoc

American Simmental Assoc

American Society – Ag Appraisers

American Society – Enology & Viticulture

American Society of Farm Managers

American Soybean Assoc

American Spice Trade Assoc

American Sugar Alliance

American Sugarbeet Growers

American Vineyard Foundation

American Vintners Assoc

American Wind Energy Assoc

American-International Charolais Assoc


Americas Tilapia Alliance

Animal Agriculture Alliance

Assoc – Advancement of Industrial Crops

Associated NY State Food Processors

Australian Horticultural Exporters

Bard Valley Medjool Date Growers

Beer Institute

Biotechnology Industry Organization

British White Cattle Assoc of America

Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders

California Apple Commission

California Artichoke Advisory Board

California Asparagus Commission

California Avocado Commission

California Cherry Advisory Board

California Date Admin Committee

California Fig Advisory Board

California Fresh Apricot Council

California Fresh Fruit Assoc

California Kiwifruit Commission

California Pear Growers

California Strawberry Commission

California Table Grape Commission

Canadian Produce Marketing Assoc

Canadian Wind Energy Assoc

Catfish Institute

Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion Board

Cherry Marketing Institute

Chilean Fresh Fruit Assoc

Colorado Organic Producers Assoc

Colorado Potato Admin Committee

Connecticut Maple Syrup Producers

Corn Refiners Assoc

Cotton Foundation

Ctr for Farm Financial Management – MN

Dairy Management, Inc.

Database – State Incentives – Renewables

Empire State Potato Growers

Farm Aid – Family Farmers

Farmers Inspired – Marketing

Farmers’ Legal Action Group

Fishermen’s Marketing Assoc

Florida Citrus Mutual

Florida Fruit & Vegetable Assoc

Florida Strawberry Growers Assoc

Food Marketing Institute

Fresh Produce Assoc of the Americas

Fresh Produce Consortium (UK)

German Fruit & Vegetable Producers

Grocery Manufacturers of America

Grower-Shipper Assoc of Central Calif

Herb Growing and Marketing Network

Herb Society of America

Holstein Assoc

Home Baking Association

Idaho Barley Commission

Idaho Grain Producers Association

Idaho Grower Shippers Assoc

Idaho Potato Commission

Idaho Wheat Commission

Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee

Idaho-Oregon Fruit & Vegetable Assoc

Illinois Specialty Growers Assoc

Indiana Maple Syrup Association

Indiana Vegetable Growers Assoc

International Grains Program

Jamaica Exporters Assoc

Maine Maple Producers

Maine Potato Board

Mango Ecuador Foundation

Massachusetts Maple Producers

Master Florists Assoc

Michigan Apple Committee

Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board

Michigan Maple Syrup Association

Michigan Potato Industry Commission

Midwest Dairy Assoc

Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers

Mohair Council of America

Mushroom Council

N America Export Grain Association

N American Blueberry Council

N American Bramble Growers Assoc

N American Farmers’ Direct Marketing

N American Meat Institute

N American Millers Association

N American Native Fishes Assoc

N American Shetland Sheepbreeders

N American Strawberry Growers

National Agri-Marketing Assoc

National Agricultural Law Ctr – Arkansas

National Alliance Of Floral Assoc

National Aquaculture Assoc

National Assoc of American Wineries

National Assoc of Wheat Growers

National Barley Foods Council

National Barley Growers

National Biodiesel Board

National Bison Assoc

National Broiler Council

National Cattlemen’s Beef Assoc

National Chicken Council

National Christmas Tree Assoc

National Corn Growers Assoc

National Cotton Council of America

National Farmers Organization

National Farmers Union

National Fisheries Institute

National Grain And Feed Association

National Grange

National Grape Registry

National Grocers Assoc

National Honey Board

National Institute for Animal Agriculture

National Milk Producers Federation

National Onion Assoc

National Pecan Shellers Assoc

National Pork Board

National Potato Council

National Potato Promotion Board

National Turkey Federation

National Watermelon Promotion Board

New Brunswick Maple Syrup Assoc

New England Produce Council

New Hampshire Maple Producers

New York Apple Assoc

Niche Meat Processors Assistance Net

North Carolina Apple Growers Assoc

North Carolina Potato Assoc

North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission

North Dakota State Seed Dept

Northern Crops Institute

Northern Grain Growers Assoc

Northern Nut Growers Assoc

Northwest Cherry Growers

Northwest Horticultural Council

Nova Scotia Maple Syrup Assoc

NYS Maple – New York State Maple

Ohio Maple Producers

Ohio Produce Growers & Marketers

Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Growers

Ontario Greenhouse Marketers

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

Ontario Maple Syrup Producers

Ontario Produce Marketing Assoc

Oregon Hazelnut Marketing Board

Oregon Wheat Commission

Oregon Wheat Growers League

Organic Trade Assoc

Owner-Operator Independent Drivers

Pacific Northwest Waterways Assoc

Pear Bureau Northwest

Pennsylvania Apple Marketing

Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers

Plains Grains Inc

Pomegranate Council

Port of Portland

Potato Assoc of America

Potatoes New Brunswick – Costa Rica

Produce for Better Health

Produce Marketing Assoc

Quebec Maple Syrup Assoc

Quebec Produce Marketing Assoc

Red Angus Assoc of America

Renewable Fuels Assoc

Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Society of American Florists

Society of American Foresters

South African Subtropical Growers

Southeast Produce Coucil

Southern Nurserymen’s Assoc

Specialty Coffee Assoc of America

Sugar Assoc

Texas Longhorn Breeders Assoc

Texas Produce Assoc

Texas Watermelon Assoc

Texas Wine & Grape Growers Assoc

TexaSweet Citrus Marketing

The Fertilizer Institute

The Fertilizer Institute.

The Organic Trade Assoc

Transportation Intermediaries Assoc

U.S. Apple Assoc

U.S. Dairy Export Council

U.S. Feed Grains Council

U.S. Grains Council

U.S. Hide, Skin & Leather Assoc

U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council

U.S. Meat Export Federation

U.S. Poultry & Egg Council

U.S. Rice Federation

U.S. Rice Producers Assoc

U.S. Wheat Associates

U.S. Wheat Associates

United Agribusiness League

United Braford Breeders

United Egg Producers

United Fresh Produce Assoc

United Soybean Board

USA Pears-Pear Bureau Northwest

Utility Variable-Generation Integration

Vermont Maple Sugar Makers

Vidalia Onion Committee

Virginia Apple Growers Assoc

Walla Walla Sweet Onion Marketing

Walnut Council

Washington Apple Commission

Washington State Fruit Commission

Western Growers Assoc

Western Wheat Quality Lab

Wheat Foods Council

Wheat Marketing Center

Wheat World

Whole Grains Council

Wild Blueberry Assoc of N America

Wind Powering America

Wine Institute

Wisconsin Fresh Mart Vegetable Growers

Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers

Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers

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Equestrian - Horses

All Indian Rodeo Cowboys Assoc

American Assoc of Professional Farriers

American Buckskin Registry Assoc

American Collegiate Horsemen’s Assoc

American Competitive Trail Horse Assoc

American Connemara Pony Society

American Cream Draft Horse Assoc

American Donkey & Mules Society

American Farriers Assoc

American Gaited Mule Assoc

American Hackney Horse Society

American Haflinger Registry

American Half Quarter Horse Assoc

American Horse Shows Assoc

American Indian Horse Registry

American Morgan Horse Assoc

American Paint Horse Assoc

American Polocrosse Assoc

American Quarter Horse Assoc

American Road Horse & Pony Assoc

American Saddlebred Assoc of Canada

American Saddlebred Horse Assoc

American Saddlebred Sport Horse Assoc

American Shetland Pony Club

American Trail Horse Assoc

American Trakehner Assoc

American Vaulting Assoc

American Warmblood Society

Appaloosa Horse Club

Arabian Breeders’ Marketing Network

Arabian Horse Assoc (AHA)

Arabian Jockey Club

Argentina Horse Trade

Assoc for Horsemanship Safety & Education

Assoc of Racing Commissioner International

Azteca Horse Assoc of Canada

Backcountry Horsemen of America

Belgian Warmblood Breeding Assoc – N America

Canadian Horse Breeders Assoc

Christian Horseman’s Assoc

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Assoc

Dartmoor Pony Registry of America

Dude Ranchers’ Assoc

Equine Land Conservation Resource

Foundation Quarter Horse Assoc

Gladstone Equestrian Assoc

Hungarian Horse Assoc of America

Institute of Range and the American Mustang

Int’l Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Assoc

Int’l Colored Appaloosa Assoc

Int’l Quarter Pony Assoc

Int’l Side-Saddle Organization

Intercollegiate Horse Show Assoc

Jockey Club

Jockeys’ Guild

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Assoc

Kentucky Thoroughbred Assoc

Lipizzan Assoc of North America

Long Riders’ Guild

Missori Trotting Horse Breed Assoc

Morgan Single-Footing Horse Assoc

Mountain Pleasure Horse Assoc

N America Shagya (Arabian) Society

N American Mustang Assoc and Registry

N American Spotted Draft Horse Assoc

N American Trail Ride Conference

National Day of the Cowboy

National High School Rodeo Assoc

National Horseplayers Club

National Plantation Walking Horse Assoc

National Show Horse Registry

National Steeplechase Assoc

New Forest Pony Canada Assoc

Nez Perce Trail Foundation

Nokota Horse Conservancy

North American Budenny Society

Palomino Horse Assoc

Pinto Horse Assoc of America

Pony of the Americas Club

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assoc

Racehorse Owners Assoc

Racking Horse Breeders Assoc of America

Rocky Mountain Horse Assoc

Single-Footing Horse Owners & Breeders

Sulphur Horse Registry

Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders Assoc

Thoroughbred Racing Assocs

Tiger Horse Assoc Inc

United Mountain Horse

United States Combined Training Assoc

United States Dressage Federation

United States Equestrian Team

United States Eventing Assoc

United States Lipizzan Federation

United States Para-Equestrian Assoc

United States Trotting Assoc

USA Reining

Walkaloosa Horse Assoc

Walking Horse Owners Assoc of America

Western Dressage Assoc of America

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 See Healthcare Related 

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Healthcare Organizations

American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing

American Academy of Dermatology

American Academy of Ophthalmology

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Physician Assistants

American Assoc for Physician Leadership

American Assoc for Respiratory Care

American Assoc of Blood Banks

American Assoc of Critical-Care Nurses

American Assoc of Healthcare Admin Management

American Assoc of Immunologists

American Assoc of Managed Care Nurses

American Assoc of Medical Assistants

American Assoc of Medical Society Executives

American Assoc of Nurse Anesthetists

American Assoc of Nurse Practitioners

American Assoc of Occupational Health Nurses

American Assoc of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

American Case Management Assoc

American College of Emergency Physicians

American College of Healthcare Executives

American College of Physician Advisors

American College of Surgeons Professional Assoc

American Health Information Management Assoc

American Medical Assoc

American Medical Technologists

American Nurses Assoc

American Nursing Informatics Assoc

American Occupational Therapy Assoc

American Pediatric Surgical Assoc

American Registry of Radiologic Technologists

American Society for Clinical Pathology

American Society for Healthcare Risk Management

American Society of Anesthesia Techs

American Society of Clinical Oncology

American Society of Hematology

American Society of Pharmacovigilance

American Urological Assoc

Arthroscopy Assoc of North America

Assoc for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals

Assoc for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology

Assoc for Research in Otolaryngology

Assoc for the Health Care Environment

Assoc for Vascular Access

Assoc of Medical Illustrators

Assoc of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses

Assoc of Perioperative Registered Nurses

Assoc of Surgical Technologists

Case Management Society of America

CNA – Nat’l Assoc of Health Care Assistants

Emergency Nurses Assoc

Health Care Compliance Assoc

Infusion Nurses Society

International Assoc of Rehabilitation Professionals

LPN – Nat’l Assoc of Licensed Practical Nurses

National Assoc for Healthcare Quality

National Assoc of Addiction Treatment Providers

National Assoc of Clinical Nurse Specialists

National Assoc of Healthcare Access Management

National Assoc of Medical Examiners

National Assoc of Neonatal Nurses

National Assoc of State EMS Officials

National Health Care Anti-Fraud Assoc

Radiological Society of North America

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society

Society For Health Care Strategy & Market Development

Society of Pediatric Nurses

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 See Law Related 

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Law Related

American Academy of Forensic Sciences

American Assoc for Justice

American Bar Assoc

American Health Lawyers Assoc

American Immigration Lawyers Assoc

Assoc of Corporate Counsel

Assoc of Defense Trial Attorneys

Assoc of Eminent Domain Professionals

Assoc of Legal Administrators

Assoc of Prosecuting Attorneys

Cascade County MT Bar Assoc

County Bars in Washington

Federal Clerks Assoc

Federal Judges Assoc

Int’l Bodyguard Assoc

Itn’l Foundation for Protection Officers

Judge Advocates Assoc

Maine State Bar

Maine Town and City Clerks’ Assoc

Maine Trial Lawyers Assoc

Montana Assoc of Counties

Montana Assoc of Paralegals

Montana County Attorneys Assoc

Montana Trial Lawyers Assoc

Nat’l Assoc for Legal Professionals

Nat’l Assoc of Attorneys General

Nat’l Assoc of Consumer Advocates

Nat’l Assoc of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Nat’l Assoc of Hearing Officials

Nat’l Assoc of Legal Assistants

Nat’l Assoc of Legal Investigators

Nat’l Assoc of Patent Practitioners

Nat’l Assoc of Secretaries of State

Nat’l Assoc of Subrogation Professionals

Nat’l Black Police Assoc

Nat’l Conference of Women’s Bar Assocs

Nat’l Court Reporters Assoc

Nat’l Employment Lawyers Assoc

Nat’l Police Assoc

Nat’l Sheriffs Assoc

NW Montana Bar Assoc (Kalispell)

Oregon Assoc for Court Administration

Oregon Hispanic Bar Assoc

Oregon Minority Lawyers Assoc

Oregon Paralegal Assoc

Oregon State Bar

Oregon Trial Lawyers Assoc

Penobscot County ME Bar Assoc

Professional Bail Agents Assoc

State Bar of Montana

Washington State Bar

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 See Livestock Related 

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Livestock Organizations

Alpaca Canada

American Akaushi Assoc

American Angus Assoc

American Brahman Breeders Assoc

American Exporter Magazine

American Gelbvieh Assoc

American Hereford Assoc

American Highland Cattle Assoc

American Maine-Anjou Assoc

American Milking Shorthorn Society

American Pinzgauer Assoc

American Salers Assoc

American Shorthorn Assoc

American Simmental Assoc

American Veterinary Medical Assoc

American-International Charolais Assoc

Animal Improvement Programs Lab

Ankole Watusi International Registry

Ayrshire Breeders

Beef Improvement Federation

Beef Magazine

Beef Today

Belted Galloway Society

Brown Swiss Assoc

Canada Animal Industry

Canada Mink Breeders

Canada Pork International

Canadian Beef Breeds Council

Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off

Canadian Bison Assoc

Canadian Cattlemen’s Assoc

Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers

Canadian Meat Council

Canadian Meat Goat Assoc

Canadian Pork Council

Canadian Sheep Breeders

Canadian Sheep Federation

Canadian Swine Breeders

Cattle Breeds – OSU

Colorado State University Diagnostic Lab

Cornell University Diagnostic Lab

Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding

Dairy Herd Management

Dairy Today

Equine Canada

Guernsey Assoc

Holstein Assoc

Idaho Cattle Assoc


International Brangus Breeders Assoc

Iowa State Univ Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

Jersey Assoc

Llama Canada

Maine Beef Producers Assoc

Montana Beef Council

Montana Dept of Livestock Diagnostic Laboratory

National DHIA

Nebraksa Veterinary Diagnostic Center

North American Fur Auctions

North Dakota Beef Commission

Oregon Beef Council

Quality Certifications Services

Red & White Dairy Cattle Assoc

Red Angus Assoc of America

Santa Gertrudis Breeders International

South Dakota Beef Industry

Texas Longhorn Breeders

Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab

The Canadian Livestock Records Corp

The Canadian Swine Exporters

The Society for Theriogenology

The US Animal Health Assoc

United Bradford Breeders

Washington Beef Commission

Wyoming Beef Council

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